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ICC Note: An Iranian Christian, Amin Khaki was released from prison on bail in the amount of 500 million Iranian Rials (aprox. $18,000 USD). He is a deacon of a church and was part of a group of eight Christians arrested at a picnic in Shoush, Iran on March 05, 2014. While he has been released on bail, his full legal status remains unclear as he may continue to face charges brought against him because of his faith.

01/03/2015 Iran (VOCIR) A Christian activist (Amin Khaki) were freed By 500 million Iranian Rials Collateral

According to reports from Iranian Christian activists to The Voice Of Iranian Christians (V.O.C.IR); Deacon Amin Khaki on January 3 2015 By Collateral released he has been prisoner at Karoun Prison in Ahvaz City

Amin Khaki had been arrested by Intelligence Agency’s attack on March 05, 2014 At Shoush City,

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