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Boko Haram, a radical Islamic insurgency bent on establishing a separate Islamic state, has targeted yet another church in an attempted bombing. Friday, an Evangelical church in Gombe, Nigeria narrowly escaped disaster after a suicide bomber blew himself up just beyond a protective barrier church members built to prevent such attacks from devastating their congregation. Though a few members were “mildly injured,” the suicide bomber himself was the only one killed in the attack.

01/02/2014 Nigeria (Christian Post) – A suicide bomber blew himself up just outside of an evangelical church in Nigeria Thursday morning.

The blast injured several people at a sanctuary located in the Nigerian city of Gombe, according to residents and a rescue worker.

“There was an explosion outside the ECWA church this morning. A suicide bomber who was restrained from getting into the church blew himself up,” said Abubakar Yakubu, the head of the Nigeria Red Cross in Gombe. “Luckily no one was killed but some people were mildly injured.”

An eyewitness to the attack said the bomber arrived during the church service and refused to park his motorcycle outside a security barrier set up by church volunteers.

“He insisted on riding through the barrier,” said Dahiru Badamasi who witnessed the attack first hand.

The bomber had explosives strapped to his body and they were detonated while he had a heated argument with church volunteers who set up the barricade. The barrier was build to prevent any attacks by the Islamic militant group Boko Haram, according to another eyewitness Samson Luka.

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