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ICC Note:

Meriam Ibrahim is a Sudanese mother of two who was arrested and sentenced to death for her Christian faith. ICC, along with many other organizations and millions of concerned individuals, fought for months fo/ her immediate and unconditional release and the safe relocation of her family outside of Sudan. Finally, in July of this year, Meriam was released and, in the middle of the night, flown from Khartoum to Rome  on her way to a new life in the United States. Now, months into her exile, The Guardian is taking your questions and will submit the best for answers directly from Meriam herself.

12/09/2014 United States (The Guardian) Meriam Ibrahim was sentenced to death in Sudan in May for refusing to denounce her Christian faith. Eight months pregnant at the time, her sentence was delayed by two years to allow her to nurse her newborn baby.

The authorities claimed her marriage to a Christian man was illegal because her father had been Muslim. Ibrahim, 27, said she had been brought up a Christian after her father left when she was six.

She was held in Omdurman prison in Khartoum with her 21-month-old son, where she said she was forced to give birth “shackled to the floor.”

As part of the Guardian’s focus on the Sudans this week, Ibrahim has agreed to answer your questions on her experiences, her new life, human rights in her country and what she’d like to see happen in the future.

Any questions? Post them in the comments below by the end of Tuesday 9 December and we’ll pass the best to Ibrahim and post her answers on the site next week.

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