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ICC Note:

In a matter of 11 days, al-Shabaab, a radical Islamic insurgency bent on eradicating Christians, killed 64 non-Muslims, a majority of whom were professed Christians. In response, Kenya’s church leaders are fearful for the safety of their congregations. ICC is currently working with and through its partners on the ground to provide support to the families of those killed in these horrific attacks. Consider lending your support to these grieving families by donating to our Hand of Hope Africa fund today!

12/10/2014 Kenya (Washington Post) – Church leaders say attacks by Somalia’s al-Shabab militants in the northeast region of Kenya are increasingly taking on an anti-Christian tenor, including targeted executions of non-Muslims.

At a news conference in Nairobi on Wednesday (Dec. 10), the leaders said Muslims must redouble efforts to preach religious tolerance and end youth radicalization.

In what the leaders describe as a dangerous trend, 64 Christians were executed in or near Mandera, a town on the border with Somalia, in the past three weeks. In both incidents, non-Muslims were separated from Muslims.

Last Tuesday (Dec. 2), militants shot 36 quarry workers. The militants asked workers to recite the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith, and shot those who refused.

On Nov. 22, al-Shabab militants hijacked a bus and killed 28 non-Muslims, 21 of them teachers returning home for Christmas.

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