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ICC Note: Iranian security forces raided the home of Ebrahim Hossin-Zadeh. He was taken in mid-November and was believed to have been interrogated and taken to Shiraz’s “Block No. 100” detention center, but his current location is unknown.

12/08/2014 Iran (Mohabat News) One of the leaders of a house church in Shirza, Ebrahim, following a home invasion by the official and the plain clothes security officers was arrested two weeks ago and taken to an unknown location and since then there has been no news of his whereabouts and condition.

According to reports received by the Iranian Christian News Agency, Mohabat News, Ebrahim Hossin-Zadeh, was arrested by security forces in the provincial city of Shiraz.

According to reliable sources sometime in mid-November of 2014 plain clothes officers of the Ministry of Information arrested this church leader. The sources involved told Mohabat News that this pastor was definitely interrogated and then transferred to the detention center in the city of Shiraz known as the “block No. 100”.

As of the publication of this news by Mohabat News there has no information made available to the family of the Christian pastor as to his physical condition and his whereabouts.

This informed source tells Mohabat News that the security forces attacked the personal residence of this pastor and after arresting him searched his home and seized many personal belongings such as books, mobile phone, computer, and other items and took them away to the local office of the Ministry of Information.

Pastor Ebrahim Hossin-Zadeh is 32 years old and has his own business and became a Christian in 2009.

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