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ICC Note:

The Archbishop of India, Anil Couto, has spoken out against the burning of St. Sebastian’s Church in New Delhi demanding the police apprehend the perpetrators. In the early morning hours of December 1, St. Sebastian’s Church, located in New Delhi, caught fire and was severely damaged. The discovery of kerosene cans at the church have led many to view that as an act of arson and are now demanding the police investigate. Christian persecution in India has skyrocketed over the past months, is the burning of St. Sebastian’s Church just another incident of persecution? 

12/3/2014 India (Asia News) – An act to be condemned “not only because it blasphemous and accomplished in hatred of the Christian community, but also because it took place in the capital of the country, already battered by other incidents of inter-religious nature,” says Msgr. Anil Couto, Archbishop of Delhi, reacting to the arson attack on the church of St. Sebastian, on the eastern outskirts of the metropolis, on December 1.

So far, police have made no arrests in connection with arson attack, an act confirmed by the discovery of two empty cans of kerosene.

Yesterday morning, thousands of demonstrators blocked Vikas Marg, one of the main streets of Delhi, demanding an effective investigation.

Contacted by Asia News, Sajan K George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), describes the burning of the church of Saint Sebastian as “a blot on the secular fabric of India. The holy season of Advent is always targeted by anti-social elements, they want to breed suspicion, discord and disharmony between religious communities.”

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