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More attacks on religious freedom as Uzbek authorities raid, seize, fine and censor

ICC Note:

No person of faith or religion is safe in Uzbekistan. The government is cracking down on everyone from Christians to Muslims to Jehovah’s Witnesses. Most recently a court fined a group of Christians for gathering to pray with out a permit. The Christians claim that they were just friends gathering together and were not holding a Church service; and that the “proof” the authorities found, by way of religious books and DVDs were planted.


12/2/2014 Uzbekistan (Asia News)-…Also in September, the government cracked down on the Full Gospel Church. The authorities allegedly “surprised” a small group of faithful gathered to pray and read the Bible without the “necessary permits”. The defendants have rejected the charge, saying that they were meeting as friends, not for worship.

Despite their denial, in October a court ordered them to stand trial. Some anonymous sources said that police framed the group during its raid, planting religious books and DVDs, which the Christians never owned nor used. Uzbek police often plant false evidence and use torture to extract confessions and obtain convictions.

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