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ICC Note: Two pastors await trial on charges of forcibly converting people in Bangladesh. Police arrested 45 at a baptismal service earlier this month after a crowd of more than 200 attacked the religious leaders after learning that some former Muslims were to be baptized. The two pastors of the Faith Bible Church of God were released on November 18, but still will have to stand trial despite the guarantees of full religious freedom in the constitution.

11/25/2014 Bangladesh (Asia News) – Two Protestant clergymen are awaiting trial in Bangladesh on charges of inducing Muslims to convert.

The incident occurred in mid-November when some 200 Muslims attacked the Christian religious leaders – anonymous for security reasons.

The two clergymen, who belong to Faith Bible Church of God, were celebrating baptisms in the northern district of Lalmonirhat, 341 kilometres from Dhaka.

A source told AsiaNews that some members of the local Muslim community – perhaps incited by conservative imams – were angered by reports that Muslims were set to undergo baptism, and so stormed the site.

The police intervened and arrested 45 Protestants, including two pastors. A few hours later, the faithful were released, but the Protestant religious leaders remained in prison.

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