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ICC Note: A prayer service at the Calvary Apostolic Church was attacked by Hindu radicals who wounded eight in the attack. Two of the worshipers were hospitalized with broken legs. The group threatened the church and warned them not to attempt to rebuild the church.

11/24/2014 India (Asia News) “The violations of public law and order by Hindu radicals endanger religious freedom and threaten the lives and property of Christians in Karnataka” denounces Sajan George, president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), to AsiaNews after yet another aggression against a Pentecostal community.

Yesterday a group of fundamentalists vandalized the Calvary Apostolic Church in Gangammapalaya and attacked worshippers, wounding eight.

The Hindu radicals barged in the middle of the prayer service, attacking those present. Two Christians, Krupakar and Wilson, are hospitalized with broken legs. The group has warned Christians not to rebuild the church.

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