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ICC Note: A group of eight Christians were meeting for a church planning meeting when a group of Hindu activists heard about the meeting and gathered a mob to storm the meeting and beat and abused the eight men in central India, punching and hitting them with belts. The activists then lodged false complaints of forced conversion against the eight, leading to their arrest, while the attackers went free.

11/08/2014 India (ICAN) Mr. Rana has been an active evangelist associated with a Bombay based religious group called Bethel Pentecostal Church headed by Mr. Sam. He has been spreading the message of Christ in the Kotla village near Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh during the last several years. The anti-Christian forces in the region aware of Mr. Rana’s activity have been repeatedly issuing threats to Rana ordering him to stop his evangelization work.

On Tuesday, 4th of November, Mr. Vijay Raj along with 6 others from Bombay, all belonging to Bethel Pentecostal Church, also joined Mr. Rana for the ministering service in Kotla. In order to plan and prepare for their work all the eight of them came together for a meeting at about 11 a.m.

When the Bajrang Dal activists came to know about their meeting, they gathered some local activists at about 12 noon and mounted an attack against them. They even removed their clothes and beat them up mercilessly on their backs and punched their stomachs with their fists. They also used belts to whack them with.…

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