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ICC Note:

After the right-wing Hindu nationalist BJP took power following India’s general elections in May, attacks on Christians and other religious minorities by Hindu radical groups has skyrocketed. In Uttar Pradesh, 600 instances of communal violence were recorded in the first 100 days of BJP’s rule. Many of these attacks were perpetrated by Hindu radical groups against India’s religious minorities. Will the situation for Christians and other religious minorities in India continue to deteriorate? 

10/20/2014 India (OneNewsNow) – Concerns continue for Christians in India, and a human rights organization for religious freedom says the greatest issue as of late is the “absolute skyrocketing of attacks that have been taking place on Christians and other religious minorities” in that country.

“Ever since the government has changed over to BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) and Neandra Modi leading the government in May, in the first 100 days of … the actual reign of this new regime, we saw over 600 attacks, communal attacks in one state in India,” reports William Stark of International Christian Concern (ICC). “That’s just one of 29 states across the country.”

Stark visited India over the summer and spoke with various pastors and Christians who were afraid.

“Most of them felt that Hindu radical groups, which are often associated with or attached to the BJP party, they felt that these groups were going to be emboldened by the big landslide victory of BJP and them coming to central power,” the ICC spokesman accounts. “Unfortunately, we’ve actually seen that happen. You can just see that in a number of the attacks that are happening on Christians.”

Cases have also been brought against Christians, accusing them of forced conversions and operating illegal churches, among other things.

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