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ICC Note:  It has been three years since at least 28 individuals were killed in a violent attack against Coptic protesters in the streets of Cairo. The crowd was demonstrating against an attack on a church in Aswan, an attack that was a direct result of instigation from a local Imam. The massacre from the police forces, using both live ammunition and military vehicles decimated many in the crowd. This event continues to highlight the extremely volatile conditions that persist in Egypt and the dangers faced by the Christian community.

10/08/2014 Egypt (Coptic Solidarity) – Three years ago, the Egyptian armed forces unleashed a violent attack against Coptic protesters, resulting in the deaths of at least 28 individuals. Coptic Solidarity calls on Egypt to render justice and urges to make October 9 a Day of Memorial for the victims.

Several thousand, mostly Coptic families including many women, children, and elderly, gathered for a peaceful march on the evening of October 9, 2011. The protesters sought redress for the attack on a Coptic Church in Aswan, which was the direct result of a local Imam inciting his congregation to violence. Several such attacks on Coptic churches continue to occur with little if any effort by the state security apparatus to provide protection or redress.

Organizers of the October 9 protest received permission for their event from the authorities. As marchers neared the state broadcast building (Maspero), they were met by numerous state security forces armed in riot gear. Many eyewitness and video footage accounts attest that members of the military started firing live ammunition into the peaceful crowd. At least two armed personnel carriers proceeded to drive through the crowds at high speeds in a zig-zag pattern, crushing protesters to death.

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