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A group of moderate Buddhists have spoken out against the violent nature of radical Buddhists attached to Sri Lanka’s BBS group and Myanmar’s 969 Movement. Both these groups are responsible for spreading terror against religious minorities in their respective countries, especially Christians and Muslims. With these two groups declaring a formal alliance, is the world going to see an increase of radical Buddhism in Sri Lanka and Myanmar?

10/4/2014 Sri Lanka (Asia News) – “A process of destruction of true Buddhism” is underway, some Buddhist monks told Asia News as they spoke about the close alliance struck by the radical Sri Lankan Buddhist group Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) and the Burmese 969 movement.

On Tuesday, leaders from the two groups signed a pact to “extirpate Islamic fundamentalism” and “preserve Buddhism.” Both are infamous in their respective countries for carrying out violent actions against the Muslims.

According to Ven Bendiwewa Diyasena Thero, president of the moderate Buddhist Aaryange Ekamuthuwa movement, “these people want to create a society full of violence. They have the freedom and strength to do it because the government is on their side. However, Buddhism teaches us to treat others as equals, to tolerate others. Accordingly, Buddhist monks should be holy, not representatives of evil. ”

“No violent group can protect religion. It is really a disgrace that the 969 movement and Bodu Bala Sena call themselves Buddhists. For us, they are not,” said another Sri Lankan monk, who requested his name be withheld for security reasons, to Asia News.

In Myanmar, Ashin Wirathu and his movement have been accused of inciting violence against the country’s Muslim minority. In particular, clashes between the Buddhist and Muslim communities in 2012 left at least 250 dead in Rakhine State, with tens of thousands of Muslim refugees.

For its part, the BBS has promoted a hate campaign for more than a year against Sri Lanka’s minorities, especially Christians and Muslims.

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