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ICC Note:

As Christians in Peshawar gathered to remember the first anniversary of the bombing of All Saints Church, Another group of both Christians and Muslims gathered in Pakistan’s flood affected areas to rally for peace and interfaith dialogue. Organized by Global Peace Pioneers, Christian and Muslim families gathered at a church in Khanna Dak Christian Colony to promote peace in the often religiously divided Pakistan. Please pray for more rallies like this to take place across Pakistan. 

9/25/2014 Pakistan (Dawn) – As many as 150 Muslim and Christian families, affected by the recent floods, attended a function at a church in connection with the World Peace Day on Monday.

The event was organized at the Khanna Dak Christian Colony church with the hope that it would give a message to the nation that different communities can live together in peace and harmony.

Priest Faqir Masih told the audience that it was the first time in his life that he had seen members of the two communities together in a church. “We are pleased and honored by the presence of the Muslims in this church. This will bring the communities closer.”

The event was an initiative of the Global Peace Pioneers (GPP), a non-governmental organization, working for peace, interfaith harmony and sustainable development.

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