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Last month, a church in Asroi village located in India’s Uttar Pradesh state was forcefully turned into a Hindu temple after members of the church were forcefully converted to Hinduism. Uttar Pradesh has been a hotbed of persecution ever since the Hindu nationalist party BJP took power in May of this year. According to reports, Christians in India have been attacked over 600 times in just four months under BJP’s watch. 

9/24/2014 India (Worthy News) – Late last month, a church in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was turned into a temple after members of the congregation were forcefully converted to Hinduism, according to Barnabas Aid.

The former church in Asroi village — about 100 miles south-east of New Delhi — had served as a place of worship for Dalit Christians who occupy the lowest level of India’s caste.

During a Hindu purification ritual of the church, its cross was torn down and replaced by an image of Shiva. The Hindu nationalists responsible for this released a YouTube video and a press release announcing that 72 Christians had become Hindus.

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