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One year ago, All Saints Church located in Peshawar, Pakistan was attacked by two suicide bombers shortly after the Sunday service had been concluded. Considered the single most deadly attack on Christians in Pakistan’s history, over 120 Christians exiting the church were killed and over 170 more were severely injured. Since then, the Christian community of Peshawar has remained insecure despite the government’s promises to protect them and their places of worship. Please remember and pray for persecuted Christians in Pakistan today. 

9/22/2014 Pakistan (ENS) – One year ago today (on Sept. 22, 2013) two suicide bombers targeted All Saints Anglican Church in Peshawar at the end of a Sunday worship service, killing 127 people and injuring 170. Many of the victims were women and children. Bishop Samuel Azariah of the Diocese of Raiwind, moderator of the Church of Pakistan, spoke with Episcopal News Service shortly after that tragic day, saying that despite years of intense persecution from religious extremists, the Christian population in Pakistan is resilient and growing in numbers. “Nothing will dampen our spirits. Bombing, murder, burning, shooting will not dampen our spirits and our commitment to Jesus Christ,” he says.

This video was first published on Nov. 19, 2013.

Azariah briefed the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops on Sept. 19 about the life of his church in a country where Christians account for 1.5 percent of the 189 million Pakistanis.

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