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ICC Note: A report from the United Nations Human Rights Council has highlighted the brutal conditions that Pastor Saeed Abedini has faced in the two years since he has been in prison. The reported, adopted at the August 2013 hearing highlighted the arbitrary detention and denial of his fundamenal rights. Pastor Saeed is serving an 8 year prison term for his faith activities. He has suffered long periods of solitary confinement, physical abuse, and has also been deprived of needed medical treatment. Sept. 26 will mark two years since he was imprisoned. Prayer vigils are being planned in more than 450+ cities around the world. To find one near you visit:

09/18/2014 Iran (Fox News) – A United Nations panel this week blasted Iran’s continued imprisonment of American citizen Saeed Abedini, who is serving an eight-year prison term in the Islamic republic for practicing his faith.

Abedini, 34, of Boise, Idaho, “has been deprived of his liberty for peacefully exercising the rights to freedom of religion, belief, and association,” said the report, from United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. The report comes just a week before leaders from around the world, including Iran, gather for the annual UN General Assembly in New York, and ahead of the Sept. 26 two-year anniversary of Abedini’s jailing.

The six-page document detailed Abedini’s plight and called for his immediate release. His wife, Naghmeh Abedini, who remains home with their two children, has pleaded with lawmakers and the White House to pressure Iran. She told she believes the UN stance could go a long way toward bringing Saeed Abedini home.

“There are times where your cause feels forgotten — but today is not one of those days,” she said. “From the depths of my heart, I urge the member countries of the UN to act on the recommendations of this report. As these countries sit face-to-face with Iran during the upcoming UN General Assembly, I plead with them to ask for my husband’s release. It is time for our family to be re-united. My children need their father and I need my husband.”

Abedini was arrested in 2009, but released after pledging to stop formally organizing house churches in Iran. When he returned to Iran in 2012 to help build a state-run, secular orphanage, police pulled him off a bus and imprisoned him.

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