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ICC Note: Reports continue to emerge about life under the so-called Islamic State. In Mosul, they are claiming all assets of Christians and others who have fled. They are threatening the remaining Sunni population that if they fail to comply that they will seize everything that they own as well. This continues the pattern of a religious cleansing of a large portion of Iraq and Syria that has led to over 800,000 fleeing in just the past three months.

09/18/2014 Iraq (The Blaze) – After prompting the Christian population in parts of Iraq and Syria to flee out of fear for their safety, the Islamic State terror group has begun confiscating the business assets of those who left.

Agence France-Presse reported that Islamic State militants controlling the Iraqi city of Mosul are forcing businesses that are partially owned by Christians or Shiites to turn over the Christian and Shiite portion of the assets to the Sunni jihadist group.

Witnesses told AFP that armed squads have been going from shop to shop to investigate the religion of the owners and have told them that the absentee owners’ shares must be relinquished.

“This is done verbally by small units who stop at every shop, business and market,” a business owner told AFP. “They are giving us very little notice to hand over those assets and are telling us: ‘If you don’t comply, we will seize everything you own.’”

The Assyrian National News Agency quoting Alsumaria News reported that a deadline of two days was given to comply before the confiscations were to begin.

In addition, posters in the city had a message for Sunnis who fled, warning them that they must return or lose their property.

“They are saying that any Sunni resident of Mosul who fails to return to live under the caliphate will be declared an apostate,” a resident told AFP.

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