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Following a conference held in Pakistan marking the International Youth and Minorities Day, minorities attending the conference have passed a resolution calling on Pakistan to recognize and teach about minorities who have contributed to the country’s history. Minorities, including Christians, and their contributions to the country have systematically been omitted from Pakistan’s history books. Many children in Pakistan today are not taught about how diverse Pakistan was and how many minorities attributed to the creation of the nation. Will the government listen to the resolution passed by the conference?

9/12/2014 Pakistan (The Express Tribune) – Around 1,000 youths from various parts of the country participated in the day-long activities held on Wednesday to mark the International Youth and Minorities Day.

The event held at the Alhamra Cultural Complex was organised by the Punjab government in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Umeed Jawan and Bargad.

The participants passed a unanimous resolution, calling on the government to honor the national heroes belonging to minorities.

“Our state needs to recognize the contribution made by its minority citizens and showcase them as national heroes. We must celebrate their services in the school curricula to show the strength of diversity in Pakistan,” the resolution stated.

Folk dances and theatrical performances were also staged at the event along with debates about the environment and social issues, including extremism.

Addressing the participants, Education and Youth Affairs Minister Rana Mashood said the government wanted to bring youth and minorities in the mainstream of social life. “Youth can play an important role in the society. This is something we are working on.

The government is promoting policies to explore the potential of youth and offer them opportunities that can help them contribute to the country’s progress,” he said.

Bargad executive director Sabiha Shaheen said that such events would be arranged every year to commemorate and highlight the role of Pakistani minorities and the youth.

“This will help us in promoting peace by bringing various communities together,” she said.

Muhammad Saboor of Umeed Jawan said that there was a lot of potential in the Pakistani youth. “There is a need to channelize it through constructive activities and platforms,” he said.

Parliamentary secretary for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Khalil George said that the youth was a driving force for economic and social progress. “Such events should be held in other provinces of the country as well. The youth can express their ideas and enhance their skills by using such platforms. We want a revolution in the education sector,” he said.

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