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ICC Note: Iran’s crackdown on Christianity has resulted in an increase not only in the frequency and number of arrests, but also in new charges being added against Christians with more severe penalties. Typically Christians have been sentenced under a charge of actions against national security, but in at least three recent cases charges of a more explicitly religious nature “enmity against God and the state” or “spreading corruption on earth” have been used. These charges carry with them the possibility of the death penalty.

09/08/2014 Iran (HRANA) – At least two newly converted Christian prisoners were accused with “Enmity against God and state” and “spreading corruption on Earth” which can result in death penalty if it is proved in the court. Also, another person was charged with “Propaganda against State”.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), during the last week, “Reza Rabani” and “Abdolreza Ali Haghnejad” – two newly converted Christian prisoners- were charged with “Enmity against God and State” and “spreading corruption on Earth” at Karaj Islamic Revolutionary Court. In addition, another converted Christian prisoner, “Behnam Irani”, was also charged with “Propaganda against State”.

According to their lawyer, charging these prisoners -who were active in the field, believes and religion- with such offences are abnormal and senseless. He hoped that these allegations will be removed from the cases made for these citizens in the later stages of the trial.

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