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ICC Note: The horror stories continue to pour out of Iraq and Syria. On Monday, September 1 Salem Matty Georgis left his home in Bartella where he had been in hiding for three weeks. He was apparently confronted by ISIS militants and ultimately beaten to death. As news was emerging of his death, ISIS released a video showing the brutal killing of American journalist Steven Sotloff who was being held in Syria.

09/03/2014 Iraq (Christian Post) – A Christian man in Iraq has reportedly been beaten, tortured, and killed by terror group ISIS for refusing to renounce his faith and convert to Islam. reported on Tuesday that the 43-year-old man, Salem Matty Georgis, remained in the Syriac Christian town of Bartella after it was captured by ISIS on August 7. A relative said that the man was suffering from heart disease and could not leave the town with his family because of his illness.

Georgis hid in his home for three weeks, but eventually had to venture outside in search of food. He was then confronted by an ISIS patrol in town.

“The patrol arrests him and tried to force him to convert to Islam, but he completely refused. Thus, the militants beat him and tortured him until he died in their hands,” the relative explained.

The militants dumped Georgis’ body, which was later discovered by a Bartella resident and buried.

ISIS, which has captured several towns across Iraq and Syria, has targeted religious minorities and many Christians, threatening followers of Christ to convert to Islam, pay a tax or be killed.

“Exactly we don’t know why in this situation they killed this man,” William Warda of the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization told the International Christian Concern. “Generally they have allowed people to leave, without money or documents, but alive.”

Todd Daniels, ICC Regional Manager for the Middle East, said: “The international community cannot remain silent about the existential threat that Iraq’s Christian communities are facing. We are witnessing the emptying of Christians from their homelands. We applaud the United Nations for meeting regarding these human rights abuses, but in the face of such horrific violence, action must be taken to ensure the protection of these communities.”

ISIS has been accused of committing atrocities such as beheading children and mass rapes. Militants have posted a number of videos in the past few weeks showing the murders of hostages and other soldiers.

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