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ICC Note: Secretary of State John Kerry issued a new statement calling on Iran to release three Americans currently being detained in Iran. Among them is Pastor Saeed Abedini. September 26 will mark two years that Saeed will have been detained Iran, solely on charges related to his religious beliefs. His family continues to raise his case, and has been joined by hundreds of thousands calling for his release. Prayer vigils are scheduled for September 26th in hundreds of places across the U.S. and a number of other countries.

08/29/2014 Iran (Washington Post) – On Friday, the U.S. State Department released the following statement by Secretary of State John F. Kerry, calling on Iranian government to release the detained or missing Americans in Iran.

The Unites States respectfully calls on the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to release Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini, and Jason Rezaian to their families and work cooperatively with us to find Robert Levinson and bring him home.

Today marks the three-year anniversary of U.S. citizen Amir Hekmati’s detention on false espionage charges while visiting his family in Iran. Mr. Hekmati is the eldest son; he has long been separated from his family and they need him home.

Mr. Levinson went missing in March 2007 on Kish Island. His family has endured years of painful separation and worry. We are immensely concerned about his well-being and whereabouts.

On September 26, Mr. Abedini will have been detained for two years in Iran, on charges related to his religious beliefs. Mrs. Abedini has spoken eloquently about the difficulties her family has faced during this challenging time.

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