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ICC Note:

Christians all across the world are facing persecution for the faith; but, the church is growing. For example, 63% of Africans are professed Christians, despite the fact that armed Islamic insurgencies and hostile Islamic governments have brutalized, enslaved, and martyred hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Christians across the continent. In light a recent uptick in violent repression of Christianity, the church is expanding with new believers joining the Kingdom every day.

08/30/2014 Africa ( – Christianity is the dominant religion in the United States. Yet American Christians only represent 10 percent of the world’s followers of Christ.

In 2012, almost two-thirds of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians lived outside of the West. That share will grow to three-quarters by 2050.

And Christianity is clearly growing in Asia and Africa.

For instance, Christians have increased from 9 percent of Africans to 63 percent.

And in 2010, Christians actually outnumbered Buddhists in Asia for the first time.

In the rest of the world Christians are being martyred and persecuted for a variety of reasons.
Some of them were touched on by author John Allen in his book “The Global War on Christians: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Anti-Christian Persecution.”

“Anywhere Christians profess their faith openly, anywhere they take controversial stands in favor of social justice and human rights on the basis of their convictions … they are exposed to danger,” Allen wrote.

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