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ICC Note:

The following stems from a conversation between ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Cameron Thomas, and One News Now anchor, Chris Woodward, regarding Christian suffering across Africa. To help Africans displaced by violent Islamic extremists, donate to ICC’s Hand of Hope—Africa Fund here, please be sure to note your donation by writing “HH-Africa” in the comment box.

08/28/2014 Africa (One News Now) Christian persecution and other humanitarian issues continue on the African continent – most recently just off Somalia.

Four people traveling recently from Kenya to a popular island off the coast of Somalia near the border with Kenya were kidnapped by members of Al-Shabaab. Cameron Thomas with International Christian Concern provides some details about the militants’ actions.

No Christian cross”The Al-Shabaab is a radical Islamic insurgency that has control of large swaths of southern Somalia especially,” he describes. “[These four individuals] were kidnapped by this group of militants [and] held in the forest for a number of days.

“Three of the four who were kidnapped were Muslim; the fourth was a Christian. The three Muslims were eventually released and the fourth was summarily executed,” Thomas says. “So there’s another example of an active battle or struggle, if you will, between radical Islam and Christian and other religious minorities in Africa.”

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