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Sudanese Security Forces Forcibly Close Khartoum Church Center Pentecostal Church Pending Permission to Assemble

08/27/2014 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that the Khartoum Church Center Pentecostal Church in Khartoum, Sudan has been forcibly closed by Sudanese officials. A major hub of Christian activity in Khartoum, a local pastor writes, “many activities are conducted in this Church and government do not like that.” According to ICC sources on the ground, the closure will be temporary, until the Church receives express governmental approval to gather for worship.

The church, housed in an office building in downtown Khartoum, was reportedly forcibly closed by members of Sudan’s National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) Sunday afternoon. A local pastor writes, “The Pentecostal Church in Khartoum was closed [Sunday] by security for reason that the building is for offices but it was used for worship on Sunday so they closed it until Church bring approval for worship.” It remains unclear, however, whether the church will be able to receive permission to meet. In July, Sudan imposed a nationwide moratorium on new church construction just days after demolishing the Church of Christ of Bahri in Khartoum North.

Additional information to be released.