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According to New Vision, after kidnapping four Kenyan drivers making their way from Lamu, a resort island off the coast of Somalia near its border with Kenya, al-Shabaab militants beheaded George Mwita, a Christian, after releasing his three Muslim counterparts. One of the escaped drivers, who were held for days prior to their release, Amuar Abdi said the militants were Somali and were in dressed in military jungle uniform.

08/24/2014 Somalia (New Vision) – A group of suspected al-Shabaab Islamist militants have beheaded a Kenyan driver after kidnapping a group of traders on Kenyan soil near the resort island of Lamu, police said Saturday.

The militants kidnapped the traders on Wednesday and took them to the dense Boni forest area in Lamu county. The militants released three of them who were Muslims and beheaded a Christian.

Local police said the body of the victim was found in the forest on Friday. According to police, the survivors said the attackers were well armed and had identified themselves as al-Shabaab members on a mission to fight security forces inside Kenya.

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