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Kendra Turner, a senior at Dyer County High School in Tennessee, was suspended for saying, “Bless you,” to a fellow student after they had sneezed. Labeled a distraction to the curriculum by the school’s Assistant Principal, Lynn Garner, Turner claims her teacher told students that there would be no “godly speaking in [her] class,” saying the suspension was handed down as punishment for having exercised her “constitutional right to speak about [her] God!” 

08/23/2014 United States (Christian Broadcast Network) – A high school student in Tennessee received a brief in-school suspension for saying “bless you” to a fellow student who sneezed.

Kendra Turner is a senior at Dyer County High School. Local media outlets report Turner said her computer teacher banned the phrase “bless you” in class because it should only be allowed in church.

The teacher also banned some non-religious phrases, like “my bad” or “hang out,” saying they’re a distraction during class.

On her Facebook page this week, Turner said her teacher told her, “‘We do not do godly speaking in my class.’ I stood up for my belief and said I have a constitutional right to speak about my God!”

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