Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Mr. Jayus was born and raised in a strong Muslim family in Indonesia and he started to face persecution from his community after his conversion to Christianity.  He and his wife were cast out of the village and his older brother threatened to kill him.  Mr. Jayus’ in-laws also kidnapped his daughter and made her cut contact with the family.  Since 2010, Mr. Jayus and his family have been moving from one place to another, in fear of their lives. Due to the persecution, Mr. Jayus lost his job and his health is deteriorating. ICC delivered living and medical expenses to Mr. Jayus and his family. ICC’s local representative also visits Mr. Jayus and his family regularly and encourages them to not to give up hope. Please say a prayer for Mr. Jayus’ health and his daughter’s return to the family.