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In May, village councils across India Chhattisgarh state began passing village ordinances banning all Christian activity from taking place within the village boundaries. In effect, the village councils were attempting to ban Christianity outright from their villages. Although these ordinances were overturned when brought before the district administrations, Christians living in these areas are concerned for the future of religious freedom in India. The national government, led by the Hindu nationalist party BJP, has yet to speak out against the incident in Chhattisgarh, causing many Christians to fear for the future of Christianity in India. 

8/21/2014 India (OneNewsNow) – Concerns remain about the future of religious freedom in India.

In May of this year, a village council in India passed an ordinance attempting to ban all Christian religious activity in a festival area. That came after some Christians in the village refused to pay a festival tax to a local Hindu temple.

Will Stark with International Christian Concern says the ordinance restriction prayers, meeting together and reading the Bible.

As a result of the village council’s efforts, Hindu radicals in other parts of India have attempted to get similar ordinances in their area. In some cases they were successful.

The council decrees were eventually overturned when they reached the district administration, but Stark says that isn’t helping ease concerns.

“There are quite a few Christians that are very concerned about, “What does this mean for the future of religious freedom in India?”” Stark tells OneNewsNow.

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