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ICC Note:

Two Pakistani Christian organizations held a joint press conference yesterday, condemning the killing of Christians in Iraq. Despite intense persecution being endured by Christians in Pakistan, these Christians have recognized their membership in the global church body. Please, take a moment to stand up like these Christians against persecution worldwide. 

8/19/2014 Pakistan (The News) – In a joint press conference here Monday, members of Pakistan Christian National Party and Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement demanded the government to condemn the killings of Christians in Iraq, on all international fora.

Addressing the conference, vice-chairman of Pakistan Christian National Party Martin Javed Michael said the situation in Iraqi city of Mosul, which has been captured by ISIS activists, had come to a critical stage. Since last month, a group affiliated with ISIS had killed numerous Iraqi Christians in Mosul Dam, said Michael. He said they were killing Christians in a gruesome manner by cutting the necks and hanging them on a cross for public display. He said Iraqi Christian children had been killed by militants using deadly weapons, and women and girls were raped in front of their parents.

The Pakistan Christian National Party leader said Christians were helpless and hopeless due to this endless violence in Iraq. Dozens of them have migrated to other countries for safety, he said. Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement Director, Joseph Francis said Christians in Pakistan were grieved over the open violation of human rights in Iraq and hoped that their concerns over this deteriorating situation were taken into consideration by the government. He said Christians in Pakistan had raised their voice in the past against human rights violations not only in Pakistan but in other parts of the world.

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