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ICC Note:

Through ICC’s Community Rebuild Fund, ICC was able to assist in the rebuilding of Bethel Gospel Church in Hyderabad, India. In February 2014, Bethel Gospel Church was attacked by Hindu radical who attempted to burn the simple church to the ground. Although the entire church was not destroyed, the local Christians were unable to pay to repair the significant damage. ICC was able to assist the church in repairing the damaged roof and walls as well as replacing other items that were destroyed in the fire. 

8/18/2014 India (Worthy News) – Radical Hindu nationalists run rampant across India, damaging churches at an alarming rate.

But one church has recently risen from its ashes.

Back in February, Hyderabad’s Hindus had set fire to the thatched roof of Bethel Gospel Church; the church and everything inside was set ablaze.

“We are living in fear,” Pastor Christopher told International Christian Concern. “There have been continuous threats from the Hindu radicals. We Christians are treated as second-class citizens in this country.”

But with donations from ICC’s Community Rebuild Fund, the congregation of Bethel Gospel repaired the roof and walls damaged in the arson attack; ICC also helped replace carpets, the church PA system and the musical instruments that were also lost in the fire.

“ICC has come and rescued us,” Christopher said. “They also took an interest in visiting the church that was burnt to ashes. We are very encouraged knowing that ICC helped undo the damage caused by the Hindu radicals.”

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