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After suffering a brutal being in May at the hands of enraged Muslims from his former mosque, Mohammed, a recent convert, was arrested and detained before finally being released this week. A majority Christian nation, Kenya has seen a stark rise in violence perpetrated both by Islamists affiliated with neighboring Somalia’s al-Shabaab and everyday Muslims outraged by Christian conversions.

08/16/2014 Kenya (Morning Star News) – A recent convert from Islam arrested under suspicion of being a Muslim terrorist has been released, but not before his father tried to poison him for his faith, he said.

Authorities in Western Kenya, preparing release papers for Hussein Hassan Mohammed, 30, after he served two weeks of his one-month sentence in July for lacking a national ID card, became furious when he listed “Christian” as his faith, he said. After authorities had questioned his claim of being a Christian during brutal interrogations that left him unable to walk, officials at Eldoret GK prison were still upset that he had either left Islam or was pretending to have done so.

They beat him and took him to another ward, he said, where they deprived him of food. After a week, a prison officer again asked him about his religion.

“I told you people that I left Islam and joined the Christian faith,” said Mohammed (previously misidentified by church sources as Hassan Hussein Mohammed).

The prison officer returned him to his cell, and he was released on Aug. 7.

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