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Dr. Bogdan Chazan, a Polish doctor who was fired for refusing to perform an abortion because it violated his Christian faith, has become an icon to many struggling against the removed, though no less controversial, contraceptive care mandate under Affordable Care Act and Patient Protection Plan, commonly referred to as “Obamacare.”

08/12/2014 United States (World Magazine) – Polish media outlets have been abuzz this summer with the story of Bogdan Chazan, a prominent Warsaw doctor who refused to provide a woman with an abortion and was subsequently sacked. Chazan’s case illustrates Poland’s version of the battle between pro-life conscience rights and liberal values—a battle pro-life Americans are enduring in legal confrontations over Obamacare’s contraceptive mandate.

The Polish doctor’s troubles began in April, when a pregnant woman wrote to his maternity hospital in Warsaw, the Holy Family Hospital, asking for an abortion. She said her personal physician had detected severe developmental defects in the unborn baby. Chazan, a Roman Catholic who has served as director of the hospital for the past 10 years, wrote back, saying he could not provide an abortion due to a “conflict of conscience.” He provided an address to a hospice that could care for the baby after it was born.

For that exercise of conscience, Warsaw Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz announced in July she was dismissing Chazan from his position at the government-run hospital. She said Chazan did not have the right to refuse the abortion, and said Polish law obliged him to offer the woman an abortion referral. An investigation by the mayor’s office accused Chazan of ordering unnecessary tests that delayed the woman’s abortion request, prolonging her pregnancy beyond 24 weeks of gestation, the time when doctors generally consider an unborn baby “viable.”

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