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ICC Note:

Since the Hindu nationalist party assumed power in mid-May, India has become a hotbed of Christian persecution. Many Christians have reported a general sense of fear throughout the community since BJP took power. Also, Hindu radical groups, emboldened by the BJP victory, has started a new wave of persecution against the Christian community of India. Please pray for India’s Christians today. 

8/6/2014 India (One News Now) – India is often described as the “world’s largest democracy,” but Christians there are fearing for their lives.

International Christian Concern says intimidations and attacks from the Sangh Parivar, the Hindu nationalist movement, have escalated under the Bharathiya Janatha Party’s (BJP) rule.

As a result, ICC’s William Stark says Hindu radicals are now outright targeting Christians all across the country as a direct consequence of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) assuming power.

“One of the expressed goals of the BJP party is to make India a Hindu nation,” says Stark. “If you were living in a nation that suddenly became a nation that decided to be something else than what you were, that would make you a little nervous.”

ICC has discussed the issue with U.S. lawmakers, but Stark says that events in Iraq, Syria and other nations also require attention.

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