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Ukraine Rebels See Evangelicals as the Enemy

In the midst of the violence plaguing Ukraine, pro-Russian separatists are now targeting evangelicals. As explained by Sergy Rakhuba, president of Russian Ministries, the separatist rebels seek to drive out anything perceived to be a foreign religious or Western influence, believing these to be a threat to their religious Orthodox principles and faith. Rakhuba reported the murder of four young Christian leaders several weeks ago, and the abductions, beatings, and killings of many others. Despite the violence, however, he says that many pastors have chosen to stay with their flocks.

In a video interview (see linked article), Rakhuba elaborates on the seriousness of the situation for Ukrainian believers and explains what Russian Ministries is doing to help Ukrainians in need.

8/1/2014 Ukraine (CBN) – As tensions between Kiev forces and pro-Russian separatists escalate in eastern Ukraine, Christians are increasingly becoming targets of persecution in areas controlled by insurgents.

Acts of aggression include kidnappings, beatings, and killings, including the murder of four ministers several weeks ago.

According to Sergey Rakhuba, president of Russian Ministries, the rebels view evangelicals as enemies.

“In one of the towns, they even raised the Orthodox flag and said they would fight any heretic, any Protestant, anyone who represents any Western immoral values,” he told Mission News Now.

Despite the violence, many pastors have chosen to remain in the war-torn region.

Rakhuba said one pastor told him, “‘I’m staying here because I cannot abandon my flock. I cannot abandon those who are trapped here.'”

“There are hundreds of pastors that are doing the same thing,” Rakhuba said.

***How much of the Christian persecution in east Ukraine is linked to pressure from the Russian Orthodox Church? Sergey Rakhuba addressed that issue as well as how his ministry is reaching out to the people of east Ukraine. Click play for his comments.

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