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ICC Note:

Somali Christians displaced in refugee camps on the Kenya-Somalia border face discrimination, abuse, even death for their faith. Suspected al-Shabaab militants have infiltrated several of the camps in Dadaab, according to Christians on the ground. In the case of Abukar Mohammed, he and his wife were shot and left for dead by armed Islamic radicals. Only by the grace of God, and selfless service of Christian volunteers, have the couple survived.

08/02/2014 Kenya (Morning Star News) – The Somali convert from Islam and his wife were holding each other under their bed in a Kenyan refugee camp as gunmen outside their door threatened to shoot.

Abukar Mohammed (surname withheld for security reasons), 36, suspected members of Somalia’s Islamic extremist Al Shabaab insurgency who lived in the camp near Dadaab were the ones pounding on the door and demanding he open it the night of April 27.

The door was made of wooden poles, and the assailants could see through the gaps between them.

“Come out the door or we will kill you,” one of the assailants said.

“Who are you?” said Abukar, who became a Christian 19 years ago in one of the Dadaab refugee camps some 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the Somali border. “We are not opening the door.”

The attackers called him the Arabic and Somali words for infidel, “Kafir,” and “Gaal” respectively, then said, “We need your head.”

“The killers started shooting at us through the spaces between the poles and hit us on the legs,” Abukar told Morning Star News. “As were lying in great pain, I heard the attackers saying, ‘We have killed the infidels’ as they shot into the air while leaving.”

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