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On May 4, 2013, Zoya’s life was radically changed when Muslim radicals abducted her from home and held her captive for 12 days. Zoya was forcefully converted to Islam and then married to one of her Muslim abductors. Due to a congenital heart condition, she had a major heart attack. Her captors dumped her on the side of the road where she was discovered by a passerby who took her to a nearby hospital. After recovering from her heart attack, Zoya was able to reunite with her family. Zoya remains in a legal battle against her “husband” who is demanding Zoya’s family return her to him. ICC has provided legal assistance and food aid to Zoya and her family during this difficult time.

Because of stories like these, International Christian Concern (ICC) has made it a priority to help Christian women in Pakistan like Zoya who are persecuted because of their gender and their faith. If you’d like to learn more about how ICC assists Christian women in Pakistan, download our free newsletter.