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Sunday, Boko Haram militants lobbed a bomb over a fence onto a church lawn, killing four congregants and a soldier assigned to protect the church. One of many acts that shook the Nigerian city of Kano over the weekend, Boko Haram laid siege on the city over the weekend, killing innocents and decimating homes and churches. In the first six  months of 2014 alone, Boko Haram has murdered more than 1600 Christians, putting it on pace to double the number of Christians killed by the terrorist network in 2013.

07/30/2014 Nigeria (Morning Star News) – A bomb attack in the northern Nigerian city of Kano on Sunday (July 27) killed four Christians and a soldier, sources said.

The bomb was hurled over a fence of St. Charles Catholic Church as parishioners were leaving a worship service, they said; Islamic extremists from the Boko Haram terrorist group were suspected.

“The bomb was thrown by the Boko Haram bomber over the fence behind the church, because the church leadership had mounted a barricade on the entrance of the church,” church member Gabriel George told Morning Star News. “Four members of our church died, and eight others who were injured are in hospital receiving treatment.”

A Christian leader in Kano whose identity is undisclosed for security reasons confirmed that four church members died in the attack on the predominantly Christian quarter of Sabon Gari, where Boko Haram has struck before.

“The attack on the St. Charles Catholic Church here in Kano is a continuing onslaught by the radical Islamic elements of the Boko Haram sect,” he said. “It is unfortunate that we have continued to be at the receiving end of the agenda by Islamists to create an Islamic state in northern Nigeria.”

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