Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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Across the divide separating Africa’s predominantly Muslim north from its predominantly Christian and animist south, Christian communities are being ravaged by massive up-ticks in violent persecution. From Boko Haram in Nigeria to Seleka in the Central African Republic to al-Shabaab in the Horn of Africa, radical Islamic insurgencies bent on establishing separate Islamic states to be ruled by Sharia law are pillaging Christian villages, murdering pastors and congregants, and burning churches to the ground.

07/24/2014 Africa (Telegraph) – An upsurge in religious persecution which threatens to drag humanity “back to the dark ages” is being made worse by the impact of social media sites such as Twitter, the former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks has insisted.

In an emotional address in the House of Lords, he said attempts to wipe out Christianity in parts of the Middle East and the murder of followers across much of Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia amount to the “religious equivalent of ethnic cleansing.”

But he said the purges of Christians were echoed by recent mob attacks on Jews in France and other parts of Europe, Islamist violence against other Muslims and the persecution of the Bahá’í in Iran as part of a “new tribalism” which had taken hold in the wake of the Cold War.

The fact that people in the 21st Century are both killing and being killed in the name of religion in such numbers is not only a moral and political scandal but “the desecration of faith itself”, he said.

The wave of attacks against Christians would, he said, be viewed as “one of the crimes against humanity of our time”.

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