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ICC Note: As the tension for Christians overseas worsens, Christians in the West must become more vigilant of events going on. This support is evident amongst Conservatives in America, but many still remain unaware of the persecution Christians in the Middle East face on a daily basis. There are organizations all around the world, and particularly in DC, who have banded together to ensure they are not left behind. ICC partners with some of those organizations to ensure that our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ are never alone.

By: Jennifer Rubin

07/19/14 Middle East (Washington Post) – Many MSM political reporters know little about foreign policy and of those who do, even fewer have a feel for the evangelical community. It therefore isn’t surprising that they ignore a key dynamic for 2016: The prominence of foreign policy among the top issues for Christian conservatives.

Levels of support for Israel are sky high among this group of voters, but it’s a mistake to think foreign policy interest is only about Israel or only about Christian persecution in countries like Cuba, China and the Arab world. For one thing, serious Zionists understand the role of the United States in the Middle East, and in the world more generally, as the bulwark against aggression and tyranny. As one official with a pro-Israel organization likes to put it, “You can’t be for a strong Israel and then be for a weak America.”

Concerned Women for America, “the nation’s largest public policy organization for women, with membership listed at 600,000. . . [and] chapters in nearly every state, and volunteers help to monitor local, state and federal legislation,” was until recently focused on social and economic issues. But last year CWA elevated Israel to one of its seven core concerns. That puts potentially hundreds of thousands of politically pro-Israel women activists into the thick of the 2016 primaries, with a prominent state organization in Iowa.

Then there is Christians United for Israel, the largest pro-Israel group in the country. They will hold their annual confab in Washington next week at an obviously critical time for U.S. foreign policy. They aren’t yet sizing up the candidates, but they will be discussing the foreign policy collapse and crisis after crisis brought on because the United States is perceived as weak and unreliable.

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