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ICC Note:

Just a day before their scheduled hearing, Meriam’s alleged family dropped their claim of custody for Meriam. In speaking with Meriam’s legal defense, ICC was told repeatedly by her lawyers that they were not fearful of the hearing as the family had no standing for claim of custody. But a small step towards freedom, Meriam still faces potential criminal charges for baseless allegations that she forged documents and provided false information when trying to leave the country earlier this month. Similarly, the Ibrahim’s are still waiting on the Sudanese state to issue proper documentation to Meriam and her two children, Martin and Maya, so that the family can leave the country legally. Learn everything you need to know about Meriam’s case, and how you can help, here.

07/17/2014 Sudan (Christian Post) – The lawsuit brought by Christian mother Meriam Ibrahim’s Islamic relatives in Sudan has been dropped, a lawyer working on the case said, which could open the way for Ibrahim and her family to soon travel to the United States.

“We are no longer proceeding with the lawsuit,” Abdel Rahman Malek, the relatives’ lawyer, told Reuters on Wednesday.

Malek did not provide a reason for dropping the lawsuit.

The Islamic relatives had been trying to prove that Ibrahim is a Muslim and that she belongs to her Muslim father and family. The lawsuit could have made her marriage to Christian South Sudanese-American Daniel Wani illegal.

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