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Kerala: Christian publication describes Modi as ‘servant of God’

Despite continued concerns and disappointments at the recent election of Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister, some Christians in India are looking to make the best of the situation. Recently, a Christian publication described Modi’s election as “God’s decision,” and encouraged Christians to keep the Modi government in their prayers.

7/15/2014 India (OneIndiaNews) – A Christian publication in Kerala on Sunday described prime minister Narendra Modi as ‘a servant of God,’ said a Zee News article.

The Christian publication Sunday Shalom, in an editorial written by its chief editor Benny Punnathara, termed Modi’s victory in Lok Sabha elections as ‘God’s decision.’

The editorial article tells the readers that nothing happens without God’s knowledge and God obviously wanted Modi as the Prime Minister of India. The Christians in India must have prayed for a good government during the last general elections, writes Benny, an evangelist.

The Sunday Shalom is published by a group based in Kozhikode district.

“According to the Bible, all the powers are coming from the Almighty and hence all the heavenly powers should be respected. Nothing in this universe happens without the knowledge and permission of God. Hence, Narendra Modi’s victory too is with the knowledge and permission of God,” said the article.

“God can act through anyone. Even those who we perceive as our enemies can bless us,” it said. “The defeat of the Congress was essential for Indian democracy as when the same party repeatedly remains in power, it is quite natural that corruption creeps in,” the article says.

It further asks the church followers to support Modi, “It is the duty of each and every believer of Christ to support the Narendra Modi Government in his/her prayers.”

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