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Zhejiang church receives demolition notice

ICC Note:

ChinaAid reports that the anti-church campaign has resulted in the persecution of more than 160 churches. Recently, the White Crane Church in Zhejiang Province received a demolition notice and later was told by the local authorities that they must demolish the house used for gathering.  A local pastor told ICC during an interview that there is no sign for a stopping of the campaign anytime soon.

07/11/2014 China (ChinaAid)- Authorities in China’s coastal Zhejiang issued a demolition notice to a local church on June 30 and later verbally told the church’s leaders that they must demolish the house used for meetings by July 7.

The Dongzhou Neighborhood Office of the Fuyang Municipal People’s Government, the Fuyang Bureau of Law Enforcement for Comprehensive Administration and Urban Management, and the Fuyang Municipal Homeland Resources Bureau issued the notice as part of the province-wide Three Rectifications and One Demolition campaign, which has resulted in the persecution of more than 160 churches.

Zhao Zhihua, a member at the White Crane Church, tried to appeal to the government agencies involved, but received no help. After the appeal, the agencies issued the notice again.

The church was established in 1982, and the original meeting place was Fan Guansheng’s home in White Crane Village in Fuyang. Fan’s home was later demolished by the government. Since that time, believers have met at Zhao’s home in another village in Fuyang. Zhao’s home was approved and given the appropriate legal paperwork. A building in front of Zhao’s home, used as an annex, was also approved and had been remodeled in 2009,

The house church is a branch of a Hangzhou-based church that was founded by Watchman Nee.

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