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In the East African nation infamous for its lengthy civil wars, state-sponsored genocides and, as of recent, the sentencing to death of Meriam Ibrahim, a 2-year-old mother of two and wife to an American citizen, Christians continue to languish government policies bent on their elimination. The al-Bashir Regime in Sudan is not only barring Ibrahim and her family from leaving the country after a court’s decision to execute her for her Christian faith was overturned, it’s waging a bomb campaign against innocent civilians in the Nuba mountains, many of whom are Christians, and demolishing churches, closing Christian schools, and upholding Sharia law.

07/13/2014 Sudan (Bos News Life) – Christians in Sudan have mourned those killed in air raids by government forces, while believers in the country’s capital were without a church Monday, July 7, after Sudanese authorities demolished the building.

At least 10 Christians were killed over the last two months in the country’s Nuba Mountains of South Kordofan state, including four children and an elderly woman, Christians said Monday, July 7.

Aid groups have accused the Islamic government of trying to rid the country of Christians, mostly black ethnic Nuba, as part of efforts to turn the African nation into a pure Arabic and Islamic state.

News of the ongoing violence came while in Khartoum, Christians were left with rubble of the building that housed their Church of Christ congregation in North Khartoum area.

A Sudanese government force destroyed the church last week Monday, July 7, ignoring an appeal by the church’s pastor to delay the demolition until after the rainy season.

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