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ICC Note: Security forces in Iran have arrested three Iranians who reportedly converted to Christianity. The three men were arrested on Saturday from the same church. Along with arresting the men, the security forces seized Bibles, pamphlets, and the personal computers of the priest. These arrests are all too familiar to Iranian Christians. Others, such as Pastor Irani and Pastor Saeed Abedini have been arrested and convicted for supposedly acting as a threat to national security. Both are still being held and are in poor condition. Others have even been arrested from the same church as these three converts and one even received a death sentence. He was not forced to carry out this sentence, however, after international pressure caused the court to recant the sentence.

07/08/14 Iran (Human Rights Activists News Agency) – The security forces has arrested three new converted to Christianity and members of a group called Iran Church, in Anzali city.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Seyed Alireza Ali Haghnejad, known as Mathews, the new converted to Christianity from Anzali city was arrested on July 5th.

Mathews is a priest of Iran church, who was arrested along with Mohammad Roghangir, known as Vahid and Soroush Rezayi, who are from the same church in Shiraz, in Anzali, at Mathew’s house, on Saturday, July 5.

The security forces have seized the holy books, pamphlets and personal computer of Mathews.

Previously, Yousef Nadar khani, another member of Iran church was sentenced to death, but because of the activities of human rights organizations the sentence was cancelled and he was released.

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