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Brunei is the first nation in Southeast Asia to adopt Sharia Law and we posted an article in May on the possible persecution from the laws, including non-Muslim can no longer share their faith with Muslims and atheists; Christian women are already required to wear head cover, and so on. This article reports that the Australian government will question Brunei over its criminal law before making a decision whether to proceed with trade negotiations.

07/01/2014 Australia (The Sydney Morning Herald)-The Australian government will question Brunei over its new criminal law regime – whose punishments include limb amputation for theft and stoning to death for adultery or homosexuality – before deciding whether to proceed with trade negotiations with the tiny, but oil-rich, Sultanate.

The dictatorship on the island of Borneo faces increasing international hostility over its draconian new laws, and democratic countries are being urged to break off trade talks in protests.

The United Nations called the laws illegal and inhuman. Amnesty International says they will send the country “back to the Dark Ages”.

Australia is in negotiations to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership, of which Brunei is one of four founding members, along with Chile, New Zealand and Singapore.

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