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ICC Note:

Christian persecution in Sudan, regrettably, goes far beyond the shameful repression of Meriam Yahia Ibrahim and her family. A 27-year-old mother of two and wife to an American, Meriam continues to be barred from leaving the country after having been acquitted of a death sentence for her Christian faith. But many other instances of persecution exist, including the systematic repression of Christian worhsip and the active disenfranchisement of believers from cultural and economic resources. Learn everything you need to know about Meriam’s case here.

06/30/2014 Khartoum (OneNewsNow) – The persecution of Christians continues in Sudan, regardless of Meriam Ibrahim’s situation.

Meriam Ibrahim is the Christian wife and mother who was being held in a Sudanese prison with her children on a charge of adultery and apostasy. Ibrahim’s accusers say she was a Muslim who converted to Christianity, though she denies ever being Muslim. Meanwhile, Ibrahim’s marriage to a Christian man, who is also a naturalized U.S. citizen, was not recognized.

Last Monday, Ibrahim and the children were released, only to be detained the next day along with their father when the family was attempting to leave Sudan. They were all safe in U.S. custody by the weekend.

“What sadly must be recognized is that persecution of Christians in Sudan continues despite the fact that Meriam has been released,” laments Cameron Thomas of International Christian Concern (ICC).

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