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All across the world Christians suffer for the expression of their faith. In some instances, that suffering can be as horrifying as the execution of Christians for their faith. In others, that suffering can be the loss of a job for representing Christ in the workplace. Both are forms of persecution that exist in the modern, and both must be addressed. In an exposé on worldwide persecution, Mariano Castillo and Dana Ford highlight the plight of Christians in seven countries in particular: Eritrea, Iraq, Nigeria, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, and Sudan.

06/29/2014 World (CNN) – The case of a Christian woman in Sudan who was sentenced to die for refusing to renounce her faith has cast new light on the plight of persecuted Christians worldwide.

Sudan ranks as one of the worst countries for people who practice Christianity, but it by no means is alone.

Like people of other faiths, Christians can face discrimination, harassment, arrest, jail time and even death for what they believe.

Here’s a look at seven terrible countries for Christians:

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