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Following Meriam’s Conditional Release, the United States Has Provided the Ibrahims Refuge in “A Safe Location”

06/27/2014 Washington, D.C. (International Christian Concern) – International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that Meriam Yahia Ibrahim, a 27-year-old mother of two and wife to an American citizen, has been conditionally released from police custody and is now being sheltered, with her family, in a safe location. After soliciting a guarantor and agreeing not to leave Sudan, Meriam was released late Thursday after having been charged with falsifying documents and providing false information.

In speaking with a source this morning, ICC learn that “a prisoner can only be released…if he/she finds someone to sign as a guarantor for him/her. In this case, if the released prisoner who was under condition escapes (the country) or doesn’t show him or herself to the authorities, the guarantor will be imprisoned in place of the released prisoner.”

That same ICC source went on to say, “In Meriam’s case, people were afraid that if they signed as a guarantor…their life might be put in danger both by the authority and the local community.”

Speaking to the members of the press for the first time since her initial incarceration on February 17, Ibrahim told the BBC, “I would like to thank those who stood beside me.” When asked about her plans following the release, Ibrahim responded, saying, “I will leave it to God.”

A statement issued Thursday by State Department Spokeswoman, Marie Harf, reads, “[Meriam] and her family are in a safe location and the Government of Sudan has assured [the United States] of the family’s continued safety. The (U.S.) Embassy remains highly engaged in [Ms. Ibrahim’s] case.”

Mohanad Mustafa, of the Ibrahims’ legal defense, said, “Mariam was released after a guarantor was found, but, of course, she would not be able to leave the country.” Questions remain as to whether Meriam will be held accountable to charges of falsifying documents and providing false information, criminal acts according to Abdullahi Alzareg of the Sudan Foreign Ministry. Questions also remain as to how long a travel ban imposed on Meriam by the Sudanese state will remain in effect, and whether the ban extends to her children.

Reports remain conflicted as to whether the Sudanese State has or has not overturned the annulment of Meriam’s marriage.

ICC’s Regional Manager for Africa, Cameron Thomas, said, “It is a great relief to know that Meriam has been restored to her family and is in a safe location. The volatility of the situation continues to raise many questions as to the next steps forward in ensuring the Ibrahims’ swift and safe departure from Sudan, questions that can and must be answered in time. The United States and international community must continue to work with the Sudanese state in seeing to the Ibrahims’ departure, but must be sure to do so with the full recognition of the egregious human rights and religious freedom violations the al-Bashir regime has committed against Meriam, her family and all Christians living and suffering in the increasingly repressive east African State.”

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