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The Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered to federal government to form a task force to better protect the country’s religious minorities. The order came out Thursday and specifically tasks the government to protect places of worship and ensuring the safety of religious minorities in Pakistan. Christians, who make up only 2% of Pakistan’s population, continue to suffer intense persecution. Will this new order change anything for them? 

6/20/2014 Pakistan (Pakistan World News Views) – The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered the federal government to form a task force to ensure religious harmony and protection of the rights of minorities, Express News reported.

Chief Justice of Pakistan Tassaduq Hussain Jillani read out the court’s 32-page order which states that the task force will be responsible for protecting places of worship and ensuring the safety of minorities.

The order further stated that those responsible for religious hate speech on social media must be brought to justice and children who face harassment at their schools because of their religious beliefs should also be protected.

The top court ordered that a national council should be formed to overlook the protection of minorities and should give its recommendations to ensure their security and well-being.

The court also asked the registrar to form a three-member bench to ensure that the order is carried out. The new bench will also take up any cases related to the abuse of minorities.

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